About Us

Who We Are:

We are a collection of individuals from varying backgrounds, country origins, and personal beliefs. However, we all share an interest in American politics and that America is a shining example of freedom, liberty, and innovation. We believe that because of the ideals and principles of America it has allowed people like us to come together with a common interest and share our unique takes on politics and current events. Perhaps the most important thing we could mention here about our mission and beliefs is that we are forever grateful that we live in a free society where we can share our thoughts without fear of repercussions. We also owe a debt of gratitude to the military members, law enforcement officers, and emergency first responders that help keep us healthy and safe.

What We Do:

We are here to provide a unique take on American politics and current events with a twist, we aim to do this “in the moment”. We want to provide you with unique designs on our apparel as events go viral, we to be in the action as it happens. We say goodbye to the age of waiting days or a week to react to news and events and say hello to an age of it only taking a few hours. So, keep an eye on us as new items will be available frequently as the spectacle of American politics unfolds.

SwagRight.com is a brand owned by Politizon, LLC.